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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Miss Obleas: Photoshoots; A journey of a performer...

Miss Obleas: Photoshoots:

Doing collaborations with photographers is always a nice experience as well as a learning opportunity for me, this time the idea and concept really gave me a buzz especially knowing the purpose of the photos.

Anita Cottle.- "basically took them as part of my City&Guilds photography course and for my assignment I chose to report on various events around musicians and the arts. I was drawn to the beautiful costumes of the Bolivian dancers and wanted to explore the colours and tradition of that culture. I also wanted to tell a story behind the preparation before the performance as well and show a behind-the-scenes view of the performer."

And she clearly did that !! She accompanied us on various occasions to different events, one Sunday we had two performances, and it would be arriving to the venue, get ready dance, then change then go straight to the next event, get ready, dance and get changed.

As a performer, I think that it is nice to show almost the: "behind-the-scenes" photos, what goes into the preparation of a performance, many people just see us dance at a show, event, festival... but they don't get to see all the preparation behind, like the rehearsals.The time we give towards a performance, as well of getting ready, like doing the hair, make up, etc.
Basically the transformation for us to go on stage and perform, the hours of preparation invested in a performance and the final preparations.

Anita Cottle, clearly show the detail of the costumes, and the performers in a different way that normally you see in pictures, a naturally and distinctive approach to photography, which shows the Bolivian costumes, in detail, close-up pictures, where you can see the detail of the designs and beads of the costumes, the colours that attract and grab your attention, and they can be seen in detail in the pictures, details that normally are not very much appreciated when performing, because looking at the detail of the costumes, you can also see the time, the imagination and the effort that goes towards making that costume.
The pictures also show the rehearsals, the preparation of getting dressed and ready with the costumes, the final touches before going on the stage, and the final pictures, the performance.

A journey that most people don't get to see too often.

As well as the pictures of the dancing performances, there are also, other pictures of artists, musicians, which also shows different stories and emotions.


You can see the pictures at :

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