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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Review : The Big Dance Trafalgar Square : Experience

Bolivia Present at Big Dance Trafalgar Square
The Big Dance Trafalgar Square 2012 , was an exciting opportunity to learn something completely new, especially from the contemporary dancers from Wayne McGregor's dance company,Random Dance.

The theme was the Olympics, and the choreography was based with sports moves, as well as that we created a choreography of our own, which was based on the Olympics as well, but only the sports, also the values, and what it bring us, like for example, Excellence, courage, ......

We worked on it weeks in advance with two dancers from Random Dance, they came to our rehearsals and guide us through it, it was a nice experience meeting them and also tell them about what kind of dance we do : Latin/Bolivian folk music, which was something completely new for them !

As the weeks passed we work on our choreography and eventually we had rehearsals with all the other groups involved, we were meeting at the East London University ....
and then we work again this time with other group, were we coordinate our two routines into one !

It was nice to see all the work for all the other groups too, from children to adults, and everyone getting involved.

On the last of our general rehearsals they gave us our costumes, and we got to meet Wayne McGregor !! It was very exciting to meet him and to hear the advise he gave us for the day of our performance, the most important advise: to enjoy our selves.

On the day of the performance we were very nervous, I remember arriving at Trafalgar square, and there was lots of people gathering around, there were camera crews, and many people excited as me ready to perform.

We had one run through the whole performance, everyone was excited watching and waiting for their turn to dance, unfortunately it rain for a bit, but after our break it stop. so it was show time !!

With Wayne McGregor .

Cameras from the channel 4 were there, filming everything for an special program that they showed the day after, as an special event prior to the Olympics.

It was an amazing feeling of achievement, dancing and seeing the people around clapping and supporting everyone through out the performance, a wonderful experience.

All the weeks of preparation, the rehearsals at the university morning and afternoons, all the build up to the day was rewarded with that feeling of achievement and happiness performing in front of thousands of people at Trafalgar Square, truly memorable experience.

Thanks to, Wayne McGregor and the dancers from Random Dance.

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