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Thursday, 14 February 2013

London's International Fashion Showcase welcomes Bolivia !! :)

Twenty new countries have joined the international fashion showcase and Bolivia is one of them !! :)

"Bolivian-born designer Vivian Hidalgo – now based in London – pays homage to her Andean heritage with her contemporary fashion and accessories. Each piece is a perfect fusion of rural and urban and traditional and modern styles. Taking inspiration from traditional Andean patterns, weaving them into the fabric and conscience of urban fashion and accessories, this exhibition aims to convey the powerful visual language of the Andean Cosmovision.

Every accessory and garment on display will represent a significant Andean time, festival, ceremony and constellation, showing the history, significance and meaning of these ancient activities."

Vivian Hidalgo's website : http://vivianhidalgo.com/

Information taken from the website :  http://www.britishfashioncouncil.co.uk/event/932/International-Fashion-Showcase-2013-Bolivia-Showroom

Information about the showcase :
  • Date(s): 18 February 2013 to 22 February 2013
  • Time: 09:30 - 17:00
  • Type: Showcase
  • Address: Embassy of Bolivia, 106 Eaton Square, London, SW1W 9AD
DON'T MISS IT !! :) 

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