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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

...::: Art, expression, passion :.. Flamenco.. Inspired by the LondonFlamenco Festival

From the expressions to the powerful movements, flamenco has been the toughest dance class that perhaps I've done so far. I can understand better now the importance of every single movement when you are performing, from the fingertips to your posture.

I love watching flamenco performances , it's just so powerful , full of expressions , sharing feelings through movements, its just so inspiring.

When we tried to do a photo-shoot , we tried to capture in one picture , what does Flamenco mean to you , ( in this case , what does flamenco means to me) and I had to chose one step or pose that can instantly when someone could see it they could associate it with flamenco , without necessarily having to wear a traditional flamenco dress.

So having done the flamenco lesson , having learned a little bit more about the dance, I chose the pose ( showing in the picture above) that I think shows the expression and passion of the dance , I wanted to concentrate on the posture and face expressions , trying to show that powerful feeling you get when you see a flamenco dancer .

Inspired on the flamenco festival in London.

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